Brick Walls

The 'Brick Wall' page has been set up to provide an area where members are able to submit information outlining research they have undertaken which has so far proven unsuccessful.

The members documents buttons will take you to documentation from members who have come to a 'Full Stop' with their research. Details have been provided by them in the hope that someone else may have expertise in the particular area mentioned - be researching the same family - have a fresh approach to their problem - may be able to help them knock down the wall.....!

Brick wall

In the amazingly wonderful event that you happen to share the research of anyone above or feel you can help with their dilemma, members may be contacted via the information supplied by them in their documentation.

If the member has chosen to be contacted via the club email address, please include their membership number and name together with your own details e.g. name, phone number, address or email address. Once the member has been advised of your contact details it will then be up to them to reply to you.

The only role of TGCFHH administration regarding the 'Brick Walls' page is to forward any original enquiries to the relevant member(s). Further interaction and possible exchange of information remain the sole responsibility of the member concerned; in the event of returned mail or non-reply from members, and accuracy or otherwise of shared data, no responsibility is held by Tweed Gold Coast Family History Association Inc.

'Brick Wall' listings will remain available while submitter remains a member of TGCFHH, or until the wall comes crashing down and webmaster is advised they are no longer required.