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News from the past re Murwillumbah Cemetery (1930) in Trove article (National Library of Australia digitised newspapers).

After several years of work by a dedicated team of members, we have now completed photographing all of the headstones and plaques at the Byangum Road Cemetery in Murwillumbah.

To complement the previous project, we have now completed photographing the plaques in the adjoining Lawn Cemetery.

Transcriptions of up to 5 names will be provided free by email upon request. Copies of photos can be purchased at $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00.

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A USB complete with all transcriptions and photos from the Murwillumbah General Cemetery and Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery can be purchased for $25.00, plus $4.00 postage and packaging.

The order form for the USB can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

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USB Contents

  • Full indexes of names of deceased plus an index including both cemeteries (PDF files).
  • Full transcriptions of memorial inscriptions (PDF files).
  • A total of over 4800 photographs of headstones and/or plaques.

The index to Murwillumbah (Byangum Road) General Cemetery and Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery (Tree Street) is searchable here.

Given name(s):
Page 427 of 5676 results
Died 1919 (Age 79). Photo #379
Presbyterian Section C
Murwillumbah General Cemetery
1920 to 2011. Photo #2109L
Roadside Gardens
Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery
PROUDFOOT, Thomas Andrews
1914 to 2011. Photo #1796L
Roadside Gardens
Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery
PRYOR, Robert Hugh
Died 1977 (Age 76). Photo #663
Presbyterian Columbarium
Murwillumbah General Cemetery
PULLEN, Robert Joseph
1974 to 1995. Photo #1501L
Section 9
Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery
PURNELL, Carson Edward Law
Died 1982 (Age 67). Photo #780L
Section 3
Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery
1952 to 1998. Photo #1377L
Section 8
Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery
Died 1946 (Age 65). Photo #126
Methodist Section B
Murwillumbah General Cemetery
PURNELL, Ernest John
Died 2013 (Age 74). Photo #2739L
Section 1
Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery
PURNELL, Fiona Laurel
Died 1934 (Age 26). Photo #1561
Church of England
Murwillumbah General Cemetery