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Some of our members have reached the stage in their research where they would like to make contact with other people who may be searching for the same family.

You can use the provided search form on this page to find the details of these members and their families.

To view and/or download the full list of members interests, please click pdf button.

List of Members Interests

If you recognise a name or names that may be of interest to you, members listed may be contacted here.


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The following PDF file should be downloaded and completed, if you wish to submit (or update) your interests. Please follow the instructions included on the form.

Members Interests Form

The following families are being researched by the members shown below. All or any of these members may be contacted here.

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SPENCER (1840+)
Clifton, GLS, ENG
Joy Oswald
SPENCER (1876+)
Westminster, MDX, ENG
Joy Oswald
SPENCER (1812)
Bodenham, ESS, ENG
Lindsay Gleeson
SPENCER (1875)
West Derby, LAN, ENG
Lindsay Gleeson
SPENCER (1793)
Lindsay Gleeson
SPENCER (1800s-1900s)
North Sydney, NSW, AUS
Lindsay Gleeson
SPENCER (1850s)
Uttoxeter, STS, ENG
Lindsay Gleeson
ST(R)ICKLAND (1847+)
Beaminster, DOR, ENG
Brad Beadel
Christchurch , HAM, ENG
Sylvia Turner
Broadstone/Parkstone, DOR, ENG
Sylvia Turner